My podcast project


Main Objective: During the semester, each week the students will record an mp3 file which will then be uploaded to their glog. They will listen to their classmates’ recordings and leave comments.
Level: High intermediate
Class type: Adults/college
Aim: Improve listening skills and gain fluency and accuracy in speaking skills
Activity focus: Listening and speaking
Time: two to three minutes
Material: computer with a headset that has both microphone and earphones
Procedure: Students must:
1. Sign up for gmail account.
2. Accept teacher’s invitation to our google doc site.
3. Sign up for glogster account at
4. Create a glog displaying interests and personality. The glog should include pictures, text, graphics and perhaps a video if desired.
5. Post the URL of the glog on our class google doc.
6. Check out the glogs of other students in the class and leave comments on the google doc page.
7. During our language lab class, record a news story from his/her country using our language lab software. This recording will be saved in an mp3 format by the teacher and e-mailed to each student in his/her university e-mail account.
8. Upload the mp3 file to the glog.
9. Listen to classmates’ news stories and leave comments on their glog.
10. The following week, record a personal story about a challenge he/she has faced and dealt with successfully.
11. Upload this mp3 file to the glog.
12. Listen to classmates’ stories and leave comments on their glog.
13. During the weeks that follow, students will continue to record mp3 files on appropriate topics and upload them to their glogs. They will listen to their classmates’ recordings and leave comments.
The teacher will create the google doc page, invite the students to join the google doc, help them with their recordings and afterwards listen to their recordings and offer suggestions for improvement in grammar and pronunciation.

Our project with a local elementary school

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  1. Hi Jeanne,

    I love how you incorporated the Glog in your project. Best of luck. Maybe our students can share their experience.